Step over the Atlas Mountains

On 24 martie 2016 by Paul Dicu

Rub shoulders and have a 9 days long conversation with two amazing athletes Paul Dicu and Mohamad Ahansal. We trek with them across the Atlas Mountain range in a ~140km long journey that will span over 6 full days and nights (the other 3 days will be spent around Marrakesh wile arrivi72369_690451521097361_4846599591162055535_nng and departing Morocco).

We get to experience the beauty & hospitality of the berber community, a diverse and challenging terrain and the company of a great group of people.

The route will take us through ridges and snowy peaks, plains and plateaus, gorges and valleys. Jbel Toubkal is the highest massif of the High Atlas of Morocco and North Africa with 4167 m. It is close to Sahara, about 60km South of Marrakech, located in the province of Al Haouz, in theAl Haouz National Park.


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